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Kawasaki A7 A7SS Avenger 350 Motorcycle

Kawasaki A7, A7SS Avenger 350 : Inline Twin Cylinder Rotary Valve Two Stroke Engine. Very Powerful Motorcycle. The A7 "SS" Model was name so for it was a street scrambler. I should know, I've owned and built one. The picture above was the result. Another bike I should not have sold for so cheap. New top end and a bottom end from one with 900 miles on it. I spent months building it just to ride it around the block a couple times and sell it. Great fun. CDI Ignition, 13 second quarter mile time in stock form. The A7 is Truly one of the most special two stroke motorcycles ever made. The two snarling 28mm racing carbs on inside the side covers on the engine. Instead of feeding the fuel in to the cylinders, the fuel is sucked in to the crankcase through the bottom via the spinning rotary discs.

There is a downside to this design and all it's power. Gas Mileage. Even with a nice tan spark plug (good jetting), the A7 gets around 15 miles per gallon. That is driving it like an old grandma. The engine is plenty thirsty for fuel. I have seen the A7 Avenger burn half a quart of gas from a jar while doing a carb sync and setting the idle. Like most hot rods of the day, the Kawasaki Avenger loves to drink gas. This is a good thing.

Best of luck in your search for Kawasaki Avenger A7 A7SS Parts. Back in the day I built a web page to celebrate the ownership of the A7SS. I hope you find some of the information useful to your Avenger 350 project.



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