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Kawasaki KH 400 Motorcycle

Kawasaki KH 400 : Three Cylinder Two Stroke 400cc Motorcycle. CDI Ignition Equipped. Oil Injection. Front Disc Brake.

What is it like to ride a Kawasaki KH400? I have ridden one several times in my youth. My first bike was the Yamaha R5. My best friend's bike was the Kawasaki KH400. It was green. It was fast, but it was no match for the yammy two stroke 350 twins. Even when we switched bikes I could never beat him with me on the 400 triple. It was quick, don't get me wrong. It was just a tad heavy in comparison. The bike is also a bit engine loud. Those pistons and cylinders like to sing a lot. I remember it like it was yesterday. I did an indicated 114 mph on the KH 400 on a secluded road outside of town. We were having so much fun on these bikes we ended up skipping school to ride. We really paid the price when our parents found out. (grounded)



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