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NORTON MOTORCYCLES: I can remember being a child in the 1970's. My older sister was dating this long haired guy that rode a Chopper. Not just any chopper, it was a Norton Chopper. He would pull up on this brown Norton Chop sporting a Led Zeppelin T-Shirt. This around 1977. My sister ended up marrying the guy and he sold his Norton Chopper to get a Harley. Likely the engine was the only Norton related thing on that machine. It had a super long springer front end, rigid frame and brown primer fuel tank. Besides my dad's motorcycles, that Norton was quite inspiring for the day.



  • Commando 750
  • Commando 750 Interstate
  • Commando 750 Roadster
  • Commando 850
  • Norton T.T.
  • Norton Nemesis
  • Norton F1
  • Norton Commander
  • C 652 Combat
  • 961 SS
  • Norton Classic


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