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Suzuki GS1100 | Suzuki GS1150 : Suzuki's answer back then to the war the Z1R started in the late 70's. Back in the day, the GS1100 was like the Hayabusa of Motorcycles. When I was a kid my brother's friend had a Suzuki GS1100E model. Back then 145 mph was pretty darn fast. I remember riding with them and the bike to the drag races. The bike was doing high ten second quarter miles all day long, with a teenage pilot aboard. Super fast bike.

The Suzuki GS1100ES model of Motorcycle was the bike with the half plastic fairing in multi-color paint scheme. Quite racy looking back then. The most rare one in my opinion was the Suzuki 1150EF with the full fairing. A complete sport bike. I would consider this motorcycle to be Suzuki's early "Katana".

SUZUKI GS1100 GS1150 Motorcycle Parts


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