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Suzuki RF900

Suzuki RF900 Parts | Suzuki RF900R Parts : This is twice now that I have missed the chance to own a Suzuki RF 900. I have heard it said this is one of Suzuki's most reliable machines. it's a sport touring bike with more sport than touring. Although it is more respected than a Suzuki Katana, many critics have a love hate relationship going with the Suzuki RF900. You either like it or you don't, leaving little for middle ground.

The RF 900 is quite light for it's size and class. There is certainly GSXR technology going on in the engine. Strange is that the RF900 has a 5 speed transmission with the fifth gear being an overdrive. They are actually somewhat rare. The biggest complaint people have for the RF900 is it's looks. Not everyone is a fan of the louvers on the side of the fairing. Personally, I think they give the bike an Italian look like a Ferrari. To each their own. It is also said people dislike the huge tail on the back of the Suzuki RF900. I have heard it's the widest tail with the biggest tail light ever put on a sport bike. I happen to think the RF 900 is one great motorcycle. By the looks of it, plenty of parts are available. (below)



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