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Yamaha RD 400

Yamaha RD 400 Parts : My Yamaha RD 400 Story.
No I have never owned one. No I have never ridden one. But, the RD400 was a great influence in my taste for motorcycles. These pages would not be here for it not the allure of these two stroke street bikes.
Having already been involved with two stroke motor sports (Kart Racing:Yamaha 100cc Class), the two strokes were already in my blood as a kid. In my teen years, a brutal crash at an Omaha street race crippled our then professional (IKF Sanctioned) Racing Careers. But, there was that guy with the RD 400 Yamaha.

I would be standing out in the front yard or something when I would hear him ride by. The guy on the perfectly mint purple and white RD400. He would drive by about the same time daily. I was 15 years old and in love with that bike. This was back in the mid to late eighties when the Honda NSR 400 hit the cover of Cycle World Magazine. I just had to have one of these bikes. One thing lead to another and I owned a Yamaha two stroke twin street bike. It was not an RD400, but, it was close. It was the R5 350. I was satisfied. I've had the bug for these bikes ever since. As a tribute to this, I have painted some bits on my current motorcycle Purple, just like that old RD 400. Funny how decades later I feel more strongly about that bike, than the girlfriend I had at the time.




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